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Insurance Curriculum Online: Helping You Educate Students About Insurance

At the NW Insurance Council, we are committed to helping you educate your students about the value of insurance and how it works with the free educational tools in Insurance Curriculum Online. This online toolbox offers you a complete curriculum that makes the task of teaching insurance easy, interesting and effective. It's right here at your fingertips.

To browse through the free curriculum and see all that it has to offer, click on this link: Insurance Curriculum Online.

Insurance Curriculum Online is designed to help teachers educate high school students with the most up-to-date information about the students' current and future insurance needs. This free curriculum, developed by the Griffith Insurance Education Foundation and endorsed by the NW Insurance Council, allows teachers to choose from 30, 60 or 120-minute modules that best fit their classroom schedule.

The modules include lesson plans, handouts, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations and videos to help you start teaching students about insurance immediately. Subjects include Auto Insurance, Homeowners and Renters Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Careers in Insurance.

For many people, insurance can be confusing. The concept is simple, but the process can be complex. Give your students a head start and make Insurance Online Curriculum part of your classroom schedule.

For more information on some of the most pressing issues that affect you and your students' insurance, we also encourage you to view our Hot Topics and Teen Drivers pages.

If you have an insurance question, call NW Insurance Council at (800) 664-4942 or e-mail us at

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