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Top Issues

Auto Theft
(WA, OR, ID)

Auto Crashes & Legal Marijuana (News Release)

CLUE/Loss History Reports (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Credit & Insurance (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Credit Freeze & Insurance (Fact Sheet)

College & Credit (News Release)

College & Insurance (News Release)

College and Renters Insurance (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Crash Avoidance Technology (News Release)

Deer/Vehicle Accidents (Fact Sheet/WA, OR, ID)

Disaster Preparedness
(Get Ready Northwest/Resources/News Release)

Distracted Driving Awareness (WA, OR, ID)

Distracted Driving Legislation (WA, OR)

Dog Bites (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Earthquake/Tsunami (News Release)

Fire Prevention & Insurance (News Release)

Flashfloods, Mudflows & Wildfires (News Release)

Flood Vehicles (News Release)

Grilling Safety (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Halloween Safety (News Release)

Holiday Traveling (News Release)

Home Heating Safety (News Release)

Jewelry Insurance (News Release)

Preventing Home Burglary (News Release/Fact Sheet)

Landslides (News Release)

Life Changes & Insurance (News Release)

Life Insurance (News Release)

Most Stolen Vehicles (WA, OR, ID)

Oso Landslide (News Release)

Remodeling Your Home (Fact Sheet)

Renters Insurance (Fact Sheet/WA, OR, ID)

Rising Claim Costs (News Release)

Save Money on Insurance (News Release)

"Sharing Economy" (News Release)

Sharing Economy Insurance Tips (News Release)

Shopping For a Home (Checklist/News Release)

Shopping For a Safer Car (Checklist/News Release)

Snowstorm Insurance Claims (News Release)

Social Hosting Liability (News Release)

Storage Units (News Release)

Super Bowl Liability (News Release)

Teen Drivers (News Release/Fact Sheet)

Valet Parking & Insurance (Fact Sheet )

Underinsured Homes (News Release)

Volcano (News Release)

Underinsured Homes (WA, OR, ID)

Wildfires (Brochure/Fact Sheet/News Release)

Wildfire & Defensible Space (News Release)

Wind Damage (News Release)

Winter Driving Tips (News Release)

Winterize Your Home (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Other Key Issues

Air Bags (Fact Sheet)

Arson (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Auto Accidents (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Asbestos (Fact Sheet)

Black Friday Accidents (News Release)

Boat Insurance (News Release)

Boat Theft (News Release)/(Fact Sheet)

Cell Phones & Driving (Fact Sheet)

Child Passenger Safety (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Christma Tree Safety (News Release)

Earthquake (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Fireworks Safety & Insurance (News Release)

Frozen Pipes (News Release)

Flood Insurance (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Graduation & Insurance (News Release)

Hail & Wind (News Release)

Holiday Gifts Insurance (News Release)

Holiday Prowlers (News Release)

Home & Business Improvement (News Release)

Home & Business Remodeling (News Release)

Insurance Fraud (Brochure/Fact sheet/News Release)

Insurance & The Economy (WA/ OR/ ID)

Insuring Your Home Business (Fact Sheet/News Release)

Medical Malpractice (Fact Sheet)

Motorcycle Insurance (News Release)

Motorcycle Theft (News Release/NICB Forecast)

Pool Safety (Fact Sheet/ News Release)

Protecting Your Holiday Gifts (News Release)

RV Insurance (News Release)

Spring Home Maintenance (News Release)

Terrorism & Insurance (Fact Sheet/TRIA Update)

Thunderstorms & Insurance Coverage (News Release)

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (Fact Sheet)

Vacant Homes & Insurance (News Release)

Water Damage & Home Maintenance
(Brochure/News Release/Maintenance Guide)