Claims Disputes

What You Should Know About: Having a Difficulty Settling Your Claim

Most claims are paid quickly and fairly, but if you’re not satisfied with how your claim is being settled there are steps you can take 

  • Contact the claims supervisor or manager. Keep lines of communication open and continue to work with your company by asking to speak to the adjuster's supervisor or manager.
  • Talk to your agent or company representative. Tell your representative about your problem and ask them to intercede on your behalf.
  • If you still are unhappy, write to the head of the claims department or the president of the company. Send a letter explaining the situation with copies of supporting documents. Remember to send only a copy and not any original documentation.
  • Contact your State Department of Insurance. Explain the reasons for the disagreement to the consumer representative at your Department of Insurance (DOI). He or she will investigate your claim and will help to resolve any differences you may have with your insurer.
  • Hire an independent appraiser. This process is explained in your policy. You hire an independent appraiser and your insurance company also hires one. Together the appraiser chooses an "umpire." The decision of any two of these people is binding. You and your insurer each pay for your own appraiser and share the other costs.

Some information provided by the Insurance Information Institute