Disasters: Am I Covered?

What You Should Know About Disasters & Insurance

Make insurance part of your disaster preparedness plan

The Northwest is a natural wonder…but it also can be a hotbed for natural disasters.  Earthquake, tsunami, windstorm, wildfire, volcanic eruption and flood are just a few of the hazards residents face year round.  With advance planning, however, homeowners, renters and business owners can effectively prepare for the worst.

Natural disasters strike frequently with little or no warning.  Developing an effective emergency preparedness plan is the first step to surviving a disaster event.  And making the right insurance choices as a part of that plan will help you be ready to help your family and/or business recover more quickly from the financial blows that come with natural disasters.

We’re here to help. To find out more about the right insurance for your home, family or business, talk to your insurance company or agent, and visit these links for more information about disasters and insurance coverage: