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Posted on July 22, 2022 at 04:42 PM

NICB’s annual “Hot Wheels Report” reveals most stolen vehicles in 2021

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released its annual Hot Wheels Report that lists the top 10 stolen vehicles in 2021.

To view the most stolen vehicles in 2021 in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, follow the links below:


Auto theft is a costly crime that contributes to the cost of auto insurance nationwide. The good news is vehicle owners who include optional Comprehensive Coverage in their auto insurance policies are covered if their vehicles are stolen.

Consumers pay billions each year due to auto theft. According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports more than $7.4 billion was lost nationwide to auto theft in 2020, with the average dollar loss per theft at $9,166.

The cost to repair or replace stolen vehicles is reflected in insurance premiums, which makes auto theft prevention an important issue for every vehicle owner.

 Comprehensive insurance coverage (also referred to as “Other Than Collision” coverage) is the only coverage available to help auto theft victims recover the cost to repair or replace their vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage is not typically expensive, and can usually be purchased separately from other policies, though many consumers choose to purchase the coverage along with Collision and/or Personal Injury Protection coverage when they buy auto liability insurance in compliance with state law.

NW Insurance Council and NICB offer the following tips to help you reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen:

  • Keep your doors locked and windows completely rolled up.
  • Remove keys from the ignition or take your fob with you, even when briefly stepping away from your car.
  • Keep valuable items such as bags, purses, cell phones and briefcases out of sight.
  • Always park your vehicle in well-lit areas.
  • Always activate your vehicle’s security or alarm system when parked.
  • Before buying a new vehicle, check with your insurance company to find out which vehicles have the highest risk of being stolen.
  • NICB also recommends four layers of protection for auto theft: Common Sense, Warning Devices, Immobilizing Devices and Tracking Devices.

In some cases, auto theft is a form of insurance fraud when vehicle owners arrange to have their vehicles stolen with hopes of collecting the insurance money. If you witness or have knowledge of an auto theft, you can report it anonymously by calling toll-free 1-800-TEL-NICB (1-800-835-6422) or submitting a form on NICB’s website.  

For more information about auto theft and insurance fraud, call (800) 664-4942 or visit NW Insurance Council.

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