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KIRO News Radio - Local trade group: Ban on credit scores for insurance premiums 'dumbs down' the process 
Jesse Jones, KIRO TV - Why some people with good credit are still seeing sky-high insurance premium increases 
Seattle Times: Letter to the Editor - Credit scores and seniors: Kreidler turns a deaf ear 
KIMA TV - Local homeowners fed up with rising insurance costs 
Insurance Journal - Washington Insurance Commissioner’s Move to Ban Credit Scoring Getting Mixed Reviews 
Everett Herald - With credit score out, will insurers cut or hike your rate? 
KIRO 7 - Taking credit scoring out of insurance rates is an expensive change for some policyholders 

Wildfire & Insurance

Washington State Standard - Two insurers cutting back in California. Is Washington next?
Eugene Weekly - Planning for the Next Fire 

Auto Theft

Yahoo News - Catalytic Converter thefts continue in region


Business Insurance - Bill aims to help small businesses with interruption claims
Oregon Public Broadcasting - Why Insurers Won't Cover Businesses' Coronavirus Losses  
KOMO TV - Car insurance companies giving drivers relief amid COVID-19 outbreak  
KOMO TV - Dog owners, check liability insurance before inviting outside children for remote learning 

Flood Insurance

The Bellingham Herald - State officials answer questions about Whatcom flood insurance and damage assistance 

Homeowners Insurance

The Spokesman Review - A church is trying to leave downtown Spokane, crime and insurance rates are part of the reason 
The Spokesman-Review - Wildfire maps underscore risks - and costs - of climate change 
The Washington Post - Thinking about buying a Peloton or trampoline? You might need a costlier insurance policy 
KBOI Idaho News - Insuring your short-term rental: 'Not every coverage applies to every situation
KOMO TV - Teen shot at North Seattle house party, owners says he was renting on Airbnb 
Fox 12 Oregon - FOX 12 investigators find out what you need to do with your insurance before buying trampoline 
The Bellingham Herald - What to know if your home or vehicle was damaged in Snowmaggedon 2019
Quincy Valley Post-Register - When the dog bites, the insurance does, too
KTVZ TV - 2018 Oregon dog bite insurance claims topped $5 million 
KOMO TV - If you own a home, make sure it's not underinsured
KING TV - Insurance against dog bites may make your pooch more expensive
Cascade Business News - Extra Space May - or May Not - Require Extra Insurance

Public Policy

The Goldendale Sentinel - State's motorcycle insurance law now in effect 
Claims Journal - Insurers Oppose Premium Tax to Fund Washington's Wildfire Prevention
Insurance Journal - Insurers Oppose Premium Tax to Fund Washington's Wildfire Prevention
Wenatchee World - Con Senate Bill 5996: Olympia's 'new idea' to fight wildfire is smoke, mirrors
Seattle Times - Olympia's 'smoke and mirrors' insurance policy tax hike won't stop wildfire smoke and flames
Crosscut - Could this plan tame Washington's wildfires - and pay for it too?
Yakima Herald - Firefighters hoping for best, bracing for worst this wildfire season
KXL TV - Ride a motorcycle without a helmet? It may become legal in WA

Disasters & Storm Damage

Q13 Fox Seattle - Washington twice failed to pass dedicated funding for forest management 
KOMO TV - Homeowners insurance doesn't cover earthquake damage, but what will?
East Oregonian - When wildfire strikes home, preparation can help
KOMO TV - Port Orchard tornado wake-up call
KOMO TV - When preparing for a snow storm, don't forget to check your home insurance
Herald Business Journal - Calamities that your insurance doesn't cover: With disasters striking - and storm season coming to the Northwest - you should review your policy
King TV - Should earthquake insurance be part of your disaster plan?

Auto Insurance

KOMO TV - 70 cars stolen in 48 hours in Pierce, King, Snohomish Counties 
South Sound Business - Distracted Driving Down in Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston Counties; Remains Problem Statewide
International Business Times - Marijuana Legalization: legal weed use causes increase in car crashes, study proves
Lewiston Tribune - Legal pot tied to boost in car crash claims: Insurance study finds link in states where marijuana is legal
KTVZ TV - Study: Many distracted drivers think they aren't; Crash rates on the rise, along with insurance cost
The Daily News - Uninsured driving rates continue to rise in Cowlitz County despite statewide drop
Maple Valley Reporter - A look back at the first year of state's E-DUI Law
KOMO TV - Driver assist technology on new cars is great for safety, costly for repairs after a crash
KIDO Radio - Why do Idaho Car Insurance Rates Continue to Climb?