Renters Insurance Basics

Renters Insurance: What You Should Know

Who Needs Renters Insurance?

If you rent a house or apartment and have cameras, computers, clothing, jewelry, bicycles, televisions or other valuables you can't afford to replace if stolen, damaged or destroyed -- YOU need Renters Insurance! 

Remember, your landlord's insurance only covers the cost of repairing his or her building and does NOT include reimbursement for your personal property. If you're uninsured, you risk losing everything if your possessions are stolen or destroyed in a fire. Renters Insurance provides both personal property and liability protection (in case someone files a claim for damages against you). Renters insurance also protects your personal items when you travel – like a camera stolen from your suitcase or a laptop stolen from your vehicle.

A Renters policy can protect the investment you’ve made in your possessions, but basic policies may not provide all the coverage you need. Expensive jewelry, electronics/gaming gear, golf clubs or high-end bicycles, for example, may require additional coverage or a “rider” to your Renters policy. Ask your insurance agent or company to find out more, and review the basics of Renters Insurance with these links:

Video: Do I Need Renters Insurance? 

Renters Insurance Basics