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NW Insurance Council is a non-profit, member-supported organization that provides timely, accurate information about Property & Casualty insurance to consumers, communities, the news media and public policymakers in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Our Key Initiatives

Our five key initiatives are: Media Relations & Information, Consumer/Constituent Education & Engagement, Public Policy Advocacy & Communications, Industry Leadership & Coordination, Insurance Crimes Awareness & Loss Prevention.

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Our mission

We inform media, consumers, policymakers and their constituents about the individual and societal benefits of a resilient, competitive marketplace.

Dedicated to helping our community

Grange Insurance

As the President and CEO of Grange Insurance Association, I have been very involved with the NWIC, serving as a past Chairman and as a board member for over twenty years.  NWIC’s key value is their ability to build credible, long-term relationships with the News Media, so that when issues arise, reporters go first to the NWIC to obtain accurate insurance information.  This immediate contact with NWIC staff allows for a full and accurate story to be told, benefiting the news media, the insurance industry, and the consumer.  In addition, the NWIC proactively reaches out and presents critical insurance information to the Legislature and News Organizations, which not only showcases the good work we do in helping consumers and business communities, but also in allowing elected representatives to make fully-informed decisions that help maintain a competitive and healthy insurance marketplace for consumers.  This ensures that customers have the broadest choices when buying insurance to protect their assets.  I can give an unqualified “outstanding” rating to the NWIC for the work they do in helping consumers, and in ensuring the insurance industry is portrayed accurately and is recognized for the contributions insurance companies make to a thriving and vibrant economy.

Ryan Dudley | Grange Insurance Association | Seattle, WA

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